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The Future Of Technology On The Service In The Field

From the opposite perspective, they’ll resist any technology that adds to their duties or introduces errors to already proven practices. But with constant technical change, it’s important to understand where today’s field service technology is heading and start planning its integration.

Cloud Computing

Big data fed by internet activity and the growing Internet of Things (IoT) were traditionally seen as back-office tools that benefited the company rather than the field service employee. However, analytics are more affordable, accessible, and user friendly. There’s no reason why field agents can’t leverage it over their mobile devices. As smart devices improve and expand, whether it be tools or robotic software, field agents will be generating their own data that can specifically benefit them.

Services certainly aren’t limited to analytics. Software as a service (SaaS) is now one of the main features of cloud computing. Cloud providers, and mobile companies, are offering a wide variety of productivity apps like spreadsheets, document editors, or photo editors that you can use anytime, anywhere.


Modern devices have brought us to the point where you can have emails and text messaging wherever you are and whenever you like. This especially benefits your mobile workers. But what most people fail to realize is that messaging has become a huge and robust industry by itself. Billions of users are accessing Facebook and the other major social sites to post comments or photos. Online storage is making it possible to share and synchronize documents and receive alerts when they’ve been updated.

Companies like HipChat are developing comprehensive networks that incorporate both of these ideas, but tailored to enterprise environments. Even instant messaging is not impressive; add video chat and streaming to these services and you’ll soon see a variety of companies providing truly immersive and flexible experiences for all communication.

Digital Assistants

But the real news is that communication no longer has to involve human beings. It’s easy now to communicate with machines as voice-recognition software lives up to it’s potential; it’s now called “natural language processing”. Many companies are now embracing chat bots, an interactive customer service approach that’s much more appealing to customers than the frustrating phone menus. Chat bots can mimic simple human conversation so effectively that customers may not even realize they’re speaking to a machine.

Products like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri allow users to verbally ask questions and listen to answers, whether it’s the population of Juneau or a rundown on the latest national headlines. But you may not have to be accessing the services of tech giants. As the technology becomes more mainstream, you’ll see solutions that allow you to ask the same questions of your own company’s digital resources from a mobile device. You can listen to all the information essential to your next client appointment without taking your hands off the wheel or stopping to read a file.

Field Service Management

And we already have business applications for monitoring scores of agents in the field. Service software generally includes built-in scheduling apps, interactive calendars, messaging, and file sharing. GPS locators in mobile devices or fleet vehicles can tell you where every field agent is at all times, even how fast they’re driving and in which direction they’re headed. This kind of tech is now being used by most trucking companies, and the same technology can be used for field service management.

This is really another example of the IoT. Data can be fed into analytics systems for feedback that will help to make better management decisions. More efficient routes, reductions in down time, fuel savings, lowered insurance costs, and other improvements are motivators for adopting service management software that tracks what’s happening in the field.

As technology becomes more flexible and sophisticated, field service teams will never be out of touch with clients or management. Information, guidance, and personal connections are becoming more accessible; literallyArticle Search, on demand.

Questions and Answers On Useful Websites

Well what is the reason for it? Now let’s take a look at it. Everyone has questions in their mind. Questions related to almost all categories such as health, job, education, technology, etc. What would one do if they have a doubt on how to lose weight. The first thing people would do is not to go for any question and answer website but what they would do is first go straight to google and search. Google would show you hundreds of results containing information on how to lose weight. It would show what to eat, what workouts are good and what medicines can be taken to lose weight. Each and every website related to weight lose will be pulled by Google and shown in the results. It is a very powerful and useful search engine. Google is a big revolution and has given lot of information to the people. Losing weight topic is ok but what about personal issues such as on what course to study after finishing schooling. You can again search in google but it is going to show you results of websites which has information on the courses, colleges, feesFree Reprint Articles, etc. It can also pull in websites which would show results on what to do after schooling. But what a person wants to know is the answer for what to study after schooling and his question has other sub queries such as “will I get a job after studying that course?” “is this course offered by many colleges?” “what will be the salary package if I get the job?”. Now google is a not a human being and cannot understand what the person is trying to ask. What it will do is just pull in websites related to the search keywords. This is where question and answer websites are useful.

In question and answer website you are not searching answers for queries in that website but in fact you are asking questions to a person. The theme of the question and answer website is that you are posting questions on that website. And that website has many visitors on a daily basis. Some are already registered users while some are new. No matter whether they are new users or old users what they would do is answer questions which they know. As mentioned earlier if a person asks on what is the best college in Los Angeles? The people who have studied in Los Angeles will answer which colleges are good in Los Angeles. They will also write about the worst colleges in Los Angeles and it will be like a friend giving reply to another friend. The answers given by some people are so natural and their answers will give a good clarity for the person who is asking the question.

Best Companies Augmented Reality Technology

It is really important that you carry out an apt groundwork when you are looking to take the lead. Even though it has been quite a lot of time since augmented really was introduced, it is still important to do a thorough groundwork. If you are not completely familiar with how the whole thing works, you should make it a point to understand the dynamics well. A good foundation will help you flourish in the long run.

The Market Research For Augmented Reality:-

The next thing you need to do is ensure that you carry out the right kind of research. Augmented reality is comparatively a new field and this is why you should put in an adequate amount of research. When you are willing to research thoroughly, you will be able to get a clear picture of what are the future prospects and the potential as well. So, keep an eye on these details and it should help you flourish.

Competitive edge in Augmented Reality:-

The competition these days is getting very intense. This is the reason you need to make it a point to have an upper edge. You may have to closely monitor your competitions, study their progress graph and sometimes even assess their success chart as well. This is important because sometimes you will need to take decisions merely on the basis of emerging ahead in the competitive race. It is not easy to get an edge, especially if your competitors are already well-established, but, you have to ensure that you don’t give up and continue putting in your best efforts.

Marketing methods to introduce Augmented Reality

The way you market your apps will play a key role when it comes to emerging ahead as a top company working in the field of augmented reality. There is no dearth of marketing methods and strategies but you should have a dedicated team that can check these details for you. When you do so, it will help you understand the methods by which you can climb to the top of the ranks. Even if few of your apps manage to make it big, you will be able to get a strong brand image and this can play a huge role in making you one of the top companies.

Reality Premedia Services is one such company that has been following these points and they are one of the leading names when it comes to augmented reality technology companies in India. Further, check out the market and release the app by analyzing the crowd, the geographical factorsFind Article, the user concentration and more. Having a professional team dedicated to such tasks will certainly be an extremely helpful option at hand.

Tips on choosing intelligent video management software

Video surveillance has improved with intelligent video management systems. Such systems have revolutionized security operations in various industries, corporate facilities, banks, hotel chains and even government buildings.

If you have been planning to spend money on intelligent video management software, here are a few useful tips to consider:

  1. You first need to determine whether or not you will need this software. IVMS is a powerful tool for different types of organizations or companies. It is quite useful if you need surveillance videos for monitoring threats, investigating security incidents and detecting security violations.
  2. Make sure you are choosing a system that will not only capture but also index and store videos in a compressed and easy-to-search manner. An advanced intelligent video management software can capture and compress videos into “events”. These videos can be easily analyzed and searched by the users. It is better to invest in a software that can also index and isolate faces, text, motion and activities automatically within the video.
  3. The software you choose should enable you to search the database of security events without any hassles. This will ensure that the most critical video data is easily available if security officials need it. They don’t have to watch hours of video footage to get what they want.
  4. It helps if the system comes with integrated analytics especially because advancements in motion, biometrics and character recognition have become quite popular in the surveillance industry. It is best if the system you choose operates like a security platform and makes good use of the storage and bandwidth.
  5. Compare different manufacturers in order to choose a software that is cost-effective and protects the investment you make. The system should work with existing networks and cameras in a seamless manner. There are chances that you may have to add a new camera or area to the surveillance plan. If the IVMS doesn’t integrate with the existing equipment, it will pose challenges.
  6. The system you choose should be easy to deploy and use. This is because sophisticated systems can be complex to use. If the software isn’t easy to manage, it will pose problems.

Initially, conventional video surveillance systems required officials to spend hours watching recorded video footage in order to analyze suspicious events. But today, intelligent video management systems have made it easier for them to scan thousands of hours of video data without any human intervention. Security personnel can investigate further if the IVS system has encountered any questionable activities.

According to various tests, it has been concluded that after 20 minutes of continuous video monitoring, humans tend to lose 50-60% of their visual perceptibility. But an intelligent video system is immune to the fatigue and scours video images while ignoring extraneous data.

The manner in which ITS solutions are required for making roads safe for peopleFind Article, even intelligent video management systems are necessary for effective surveillance. These systems are perfect for dynamic security environments that can change in size as well as character.