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Which Is Better For Developers Android OS Vs. Apple IOS

In as much as Android and iOS operating systems  are favorites, mobile app developers have to choose between the two of them during app development projects. This is especially so when the budget for development is limited. There are various reasons why one of the two might be better than the other including:

Programming Language

The Android OS makes use of the Java programming language. This is a very common language widely used by app developers in India. The ease of the use of this programming language might tilt the app developer for using the Android OS instead of the Apple iOS. The Apple iOS makes use of the Apple’s objective-C language. This programming language can only be used by mobile app developers who have deep knowledge of C and C++ programming languages. These languages are quite difficult and peculiar when compared to Java.

Platforms for App Development

The Android OS allows mobile app developers liberty to use third-party tools while developing their apps. This enables the mobile app developers to explore several other features that are not present on the Android OS and add them to the app they are developing. The addition of these extra features increases the functionality of the apps that they develop. On the contrary, Apple likes to play their cards close to the chest. Apple does not give the mobile app developers freedom to use third-party tools. The mobile app developer is given a limited number of tools to choose from within the Apple iOS when developing his or her app.

Development Speed

It takes the mobile app developer twice or thrice as much time to develop an app for the Android OS platform than it takes using the Apple iOS. This is because of system release cycles and Android fragmentation which are the Achilles heels of the Android iOS. Android fragmentation is the occurrence of multiple Android OS versions in the market. This fragmentation can reduce the functionality between devices whose apps were programmed using the Android Software Development Kit( Android SDK).

Cost of Development

The cost at which apps are developed is a major concert for mobile app developers. It goes a long way in determining how much profit they eventually make from the app development. As the time taken for the development of an app increases, so also does the cost of development of that app. It takes a longer time to develop an app using the Android OS. Hence it costs more to do so. If you combine this with the fact that Android OS drive lower revenues, it is considerably better to use Apple iOS when developing an app regarding cost.


Studying the demography of the two operating systems reveals some striking points. Although Android has the largest global platform share, its shares come mainly from developing countries. These developing countries are majorly low-income countries and as such the users of these apps do not spend much in downloading these apps on the Android market. Apple iOS users are usually younger, much more educated and earn much more money than their Android counterparts. As much they spend more on mobile apps than Android users. In the first quarter of 2015, it was recorded that Apple iOS made 70% more than Android app developers.

Duration of App Approval

When mobile app developers are done with developing an app, the next stage is putting them on the market for users to download and start using. With Apple app store, it takes weeks for the app to be approved before being placed on the market. This can be frustrating for the mobile app developer who understands that time is money. The Android market is a sharp contrast when it comes to this. This is because it places no restrictions on mobile app developers and they find it rather convenient to sell their apps faster.

Payment Process

To have access to the iPhone SDK, a sum of $99 must be paid each year. After the developers gain access to the iPhone SDK, they can now earn 70% of the money that is gotten from selling their app in the Apple app store. On the other hand, Android developers only need to pay $25 registration fee once to be granted access. They still get to earn 70% of whatever is gotten from selling their apps in the Android market once they have paid the fee. Another major advantage of using the Android market is that the mobile app developers are also at liberty to sell the same apps which they may have sold on the Android market in another market if they choose.

Numbers Vs. Engagement

Mobile app developers have to choose between having their apps reach a large number of people and having their apps reach few people that are engaged. Android Market offers the platform of reaching a large number of people while Apple store has less number of people who are more engaged. When it comes to monetization of an app, mobile app developers would rather opt for the Apple store with users that are willing to spend on their apps. Regarding the popularity of an app, a mobile app developer might choose to go to the Android market where they can reach a whole lot of people.


Apple has a limited number of devices that come in different shapes and screen sizes when compared with Android. This can be a major factor when choosing a mobile OS. If a mobile app developer is using Apple iOS in developing an app, he/she may not have to worry about how the app is going to fare on different screen size and devices thanks to the limited options available on the Apple market. When using the Android OS, the variability regarding devices might pose a problem for the developer who has to ensure that his app can do well regardless of the device or screen size.

There are a lot of cons and pros for each of the two most common mobile OS used by app developers. The onus lies on them to be able to find the pros and cons that best suite them when developing an app. This decision may be a tough oneFree Reprint Articles, but knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the two of them is a good place to start.

Usable And Advisable Courier Tracking Software Version 6.0

Courier tracking software version 6.0 is designed to give you, the smaller courier and your customers the benefits of conducting business online, much the same as the large delivery services, at a fraction of the cost. This script comprised of the Client side and the Courier (Admin) side. The client-side lets your customers enter pick-up orders, trace waybills, communicate with dispatch, search & download prior waybills and to receive and pay your invoices online. The heart of the Courier side is the Dispatch Console, where you receive orders and messages from your customers, assign orders to drivers and monitor their progress. Driver activity reporting, online tracking, online booking, customer invoice preparation, delivery and even payment may all be done online. Full attention is always given to creating a courier web-solution that is easy to use while providing all of the services needed by the smaller courier service.

The back office system gives you full visibility and control over every aspect of the delivery life cycle. With courier software 6.0’s comparison tools, let senders compare shipping options to get the best service every time. Compare rates across all suppliers and service types, and get back accurate pricing and delivery times instantly. Giving your customers online access to their information reduces queries and puts useful information at their fingertips. SMS alerts and online access to their booking history all serve to keep your customer informed throughout the delivery life cycle. To win business in this highly competitive market, you need to provide high quality online customer service that differentiates you from competitors.

What are the benefits of courier software 6.0

  • Improves customer service by providing real-time delivery information, SMS and Email notifications.
  • Your system is 100% saleable (Scales from a single server to even multiple servers for different regions, states or countries)
  • Single and Multi-Order entry facilities with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Order entry by your online customers or by your order taker.
  • Dynamic Routing of drivers orders (You can select any number of orders, reshuffle the sequence for delivery before dispatching to your drivers)
  • Dispatchers know and can see their driver location in real-time, before deciding to send the next critical order for pickup
  • Smaller couriers use their phones to review and dispatch new orders while on the road
  • Billing is with the push of a button
  • Manage and track invoice payments
  • Driver settlement with one click
  • Customers track orders online with unique order ID.
  • Customized reporting
  • Reduce billing and administration costs by automatically by emailing invoices to your clients
  • Increase dispatcher and driver productivity by sending all orders at once to the driver’s device
  • Further customization is done on a company by company basis.

This script is complete readymade, fully compatible, user friendly, easily manageable. It is developed in Php and Mysql. It is mobile compatible so there is no need of Pc and laptop. It is beneficial for the business runnerFeature Articles, who wants to start their own business portal related to courierservices.

Protect Your Laptop In Style D Printable Laptops

 To help you with both of your purposes, let us discuss about such a service which will help you out here to create your own laptop sleeve.

So as I told you in the above paragraph, which I would have started my personal service or something to help you out of this situation. But let me inform you what you must be thinking is just something hypothetical, but that’s not true. Getting along with the flow, my regular readers would be knowing what I am going to talk about.

As my headline suggests, this is about a printing service which could help you out in all possible probabilities.  So in this system there are printing services companies who are trying to help you out by giving you a custom laptop sleeve or printed laptop sleeve within a few clicks. That’s not all you don’t even have to move anywhere they will get it delivered to your doorstep when you would maybe wrapping up some priority work or maybe taking a break from work, or maybe spending some quality time on some important official work with your clients or team. This move will give a brand image to your venture and fetch some free promotion for you as where ever your team goes with their laptop they are variably or invariably promoting your brand for free.

Before I warp it up, and prepare for some new solution to some other problem of yours I would like to help you to choose the best one for you. My readers are pretty much known to this suggestion, this is because I generally don’t fail to deliver this suggestion in any of my articles but I realize that many of you are new at my space, so I would like to suggest you this fact here itself and not exposing you to any hassle to move onto my previous articles.

Moving ahead, first thing you must take care is the company profile. The company must be big enough to make you feel secure about your money, as i say printing and printable whether it be a make your own laptop sleeve service or something else they have to give you quality and satisfaction on each penny spent by you. Now moving on, it would be better that the company has its own print setup if you are expecting good quality in small budget. This would surely help you to a great extent.

Certainly a setup assures presence of a quality assistant team for your products such as custom mobile covers, and a customer support team which is quick to respond as you can fetch the status from the same building. Logistics isn’t a big hassle for this, but certainly quality has to be pitch perfect to dig a tunnel to your customer’s heart, as you being a company too, you have to be specific about your money. Every wrong step takes you one step forward towards your loss.

Wrapping up, I would like to tell you that, you are the judge for your moneyFind Article, always invest in settled ventures and not in out-sourcing businesses to get a great value for money. Wishing you best of luck for your venture and you may get the best out of your money if you are looking forward to buy custom laptop sleeves online in india.

Availing services of WordPress Development

WordPress Development Services provided by a development company

Below is a list of the key WordPress development services that one must look out for while hiring any company for WordPress development. These are the key services frequently required and each of the development company must possess them.

Integration of Theme

Theme of the website is the first thing the user will notice about the website. The theme must be set in such a way that it doesn’t affect the contents of the website. Moreover, it should be attractive enough for pleasing maximum number of users. So that they visit the website again and again.

Designing and Development of Website

For effective performance of the website, the developer must must develop it in a proper manner. He must be careful about the various aspects of designing and developing the website and with the help of effective tools and techniques develop it in an appropriate way.

Development of Plugin

The main task of plug is allow the users with extra features as well as functions. There are more than 40000 Plugins available for the WordPress platform. The WordPress development company and developer must utilize these plugins as per the necessity of the business owner. Accessing the website becomes a lot easier with the help of these plugins.

Migration of Data

Sometimes it is also required moving the data from one cms to the another. Thus, the development company must offer the services of data migration. The main things one needs considering while data migration is that the value of data doesn’t gets changed. It is necessary that data gets converted in an exact manner preventing the data loss and misinterpretation of data.

Woo-Commerce Development

Users also avail the services of WordPress development for their online. For such online business owners, it is necessary developing plugins, extensions and features that will help them accomplishing the targets of their online business. Due to such added features, accessing the e-commerce website will become a lot easier. Providing rich experience to the users, whenever they want.

Upgradation of Safe Customization

For enhancing the convenience to user, it is necessary carrying out the customization to the website. Due to this service, the user will be easily navigating from tab to another. This makes it easier for him finding any kind of content on the website.

Integration with Third Party Applications

It is necessary integrating the website with the third party applications. This helps in increasing the reach of the website among various categories of users. In this way, you can increase the interaction on the website.

Maintenance of Website

There are also some online business owners that are having a highly effective WordPress website, but they are looking for WordPress development services for the maintenance of their online website. It is necessary for a WordPress development company offering such maintenance services to their clients.

WordPress Performance Optimization

In order to get better result from the WordPress website, it is essential carrying out the optimization of the website. With the performance optimization, one can get better results and high performance from their WordPress website.

PSD to WordPress Theme

Perhaps, one of the best feature of WordPress. You can directly use the photoshop documents in it without converting them to the HTML codes. In this way, it saves a lot of time for you as you can use the photographs and images directly on the WordPress platform.

WordPress MU Installation

MU Installation of the WordPress is also an essential service. However, installing the WordPress platform is pretty much easier. Any well experienced developer will be easily installing the WordPress in less time.

SEO Optimization of Website

For enhancing the reach of the website among various categories of user, it is necessary carrying out the SEO Optimization of the business website. The content on the website must be SEO Friendly allowing the website to appear on the higher page rank of search engines.